Imagine, that you walk in forest on path making no sound. There is maybe any other hiking on same path. Only quietness and harmony of the woods. Do you feel awesome or afraid?

The silence of forest is an experience of an intensive physical and mental recharge. After having a rest in a quiet place, we can feel ease and be more productive, because silence has a great positive impact .

On this course we get to know, how forests and  Finnish culture are connected. We learn skills and good practices in forest and get information about every-man's-right.We have workshops both indoors and outdoors.We gain knowledge about Eino Leino, the national poet, and his maybe most loved poem Nocturno reflecting the Finnish soul landscape

"The twinflower's scent,

the water's shade

of these 

my heart's own song is made."

Eino Leino

SESSIONS            5.-10.6.2022

Making an introduction about own school environment, possibilities to find peace of nature.
Working lessons 5
-Developing the European dimension by cooperating with teachers from different European countries and different school levels
-Getting to know Finland and Finnish culture
-Gaining an expression and understanding of peace of nature in Finland and preventing information overflow
-Knowing the national poet Eino Leino and his most loved poem Nocturne 
-Learning new skills and good practices in nature, every-man's-rights
-Getting to know Finnish art by using  digital technology
-Getting mental and physical resources
-Increasing skills how to use eTwinning after course to create new projects
eTwinning, using twinspace to create new projects and keep on friendships 
Presentations of workshop
Evaluation and feed-back of the course 
Completing course reports to be send to NA
Working lessons 5 

Arriving and checking in hotel.
First meeting in the evening, welcome 
DAY 1 
Getting to know each other
The aims and program of the week 
Travel diaries
Discussions about noise pollution, silence, peace of nature inside city and nearby areas.
Environmental education, social inclusion, active role, belonging to a group. 
Picnic to Botanic garden or culture walk 
DAY 2 
Eino Leino's Nocturne 
Music and the Finnish soul landscape 
Workshop at Dance school
Whole day visit to nearby island Hailuoto, hiking (or some other nature area depending on weather)
Every man's rights
Presenting poems
DAY 4 
Workshop outdoors (Valve film school)
Evening together, making Finnish food 
DAY 5  eTwinnig for keeping up friendships and creating new projects 
Travel diaries 
Evaluation and feedback of the week
Certificates and farewell 
Lunch together (12:00-13:00 optional) 
Working lessons 40

Course fee: 440€  covering organisational support in intercultural preparation, tuition, materials, mentoring during the course, post course support and certification . ( Does not include accommodation, local travel or meals). Remember the VAT number, the owner of the school has it.

Courses are open also for private participants, who can have also other financial recourse than Erasmus+ KA1.( For them and organisations without VAT code it is course fee +VAT 24%


By air via Helsinki to Oulu,  train from Helsinki to Oulu, or straight flights from Europe to Oulu.


It`s easier for participants to have same hotel. We inform about hotel after registration. Hotel fee will be in frame of daily allowances for accommodation and subsistence (separate from course fee). But you are free to choose any other hotel.


Please send us your INTEREST/PRE-REGISTRATION (free form)  to Mrs. Paula Saanio via email   

In return we send a confirmation and additional information about the FINAL REGISTRATION, You pay the course fee and buy the tickets only after you have made the final registration.