Nature calms our senses. We can feel the fresh air and silence. We forget the information overflow and feel ease. Silence has a great positive impact.

Finnish culture has always been strongly connected to nature and forest.  Also in our school education environment and sustainability are main words as well as knowledge, skills, equality, responsibility, human , development, belonging and engagement. 

On this training course you learn more about Finlan and, Finnish culture .  You gain knowledge about Oulu and it’s history. You experience nature in city.

We make easy walks to forest or sea ice, make fire and learn essential skills about camping in winter.

During this training course we celebrate the traditional Finnish Culture Day-Kalevala day. We have a visit in historical museum . Also  we get to know some Finnish food.

We have a visit to historical  Museum and workshop about ”Kalevala and nature”

Notice, that this time of the year it’s possible to see Northern Lights at night, if you are very lucky.


Making a short presentation about important (epic) poem or story of own culture.


Developing the European dimension by cooperating with teachers from different European countries and school levels.

Increasing knowledge about Finland and Finnish culture.

Gaining knowledge about the Finnish epic poems of Kalevala.

Practicing workshops using both digital technology and traditional methods.

Visiting historical Pohjois-Pohjanmaa museum.

Getting easy physical activities by winter walks and dancing.

Making friendships and getting possibilities to create projects together in eTwinning twinspace.


eTwinning and it's possibilities to create projects

Motivation to take part on training courses after this session abroad


Reporting the National Agency


 Arrival. Meeting first time in the evening. Time and place announced later. Welcome. Aims of the training course. Practical advice.


Getting to know each others

Presentations of participants

Finland, Finnish culture, Kalevala

Some basic Finnish words for the week 


Visiting Pohjois-Pohjanmaa museum

Workshop at Valve Film School, using  media technology with traditional Finnish art about Kalevala

DAY 3  

  Culture walk Oulu

Dancing lesson at Dance school, typical traditional Finnish dance, easy practices

Workshop ”Kalevala”

DAY 4    Kalevala day 28.2   

Walk on frozen sea or forest

Winter camping skills

Enjoy winter and silence

Afternoon and evening together.

Making Finnish food

DAY 5  

Short walk

eTwinning Presenting week diaries



Working lessons40


Course fee: 440 € covering organisational support in intercultural preparation, tuition, materials, mentoring during the course, post course support and certification. ( Does not include accommodation, local travel or meals). Please remember the VAT number ( the owner of the school has it).

Courses are open also for private participants, who can also have other financial recourse than Erasmus+ KA1. For them and organisations without valid VAT code is course fee +VAT 24%)


By air via Helsinki to Oulu,  train from Helsinki to Oulu, or straight flights from Europe to Oulu.


It`s easier for participants to have same hotel. We inform about hotel after registration. Hotel fee will be in frame of daily allowances for accommodation and subsistence ( separate from course fee). But you are free to choose any other hotel.


Please send us your interest (own words) in the course  to  Mrs. Paula Saanio  via email

In return you will get confirmation about  pre-registering ( if you are applying Erasmus grant) and FINAL REGISTRATION (after you already have a grant), You pay the course fee and buy the tickets only after you have made the final registration and the course is confirmed.