to increase multiculturalism

                             SESSION 25.8.-29.8.2019 confirmed

What is good life?

This is an eternal philosophical question all over the world.

What we want? How we get it?

Culture, religions, finance world and politicians give us answers and solutions creating the frames of societies.

How we can get real knowledge and understanding about what is happening in world right now?

How we can build our identities, while also social media and digitalisation are taking a huge role in influencing us?

How we can cope and learn to live together in peace with everybody respecting democracy, equality , multiculturality, human rights and also sustainability?

What means parallel reality?

On this course we discuss about these themes.

Also we try to find ways, how we could do a little better than positive tolerance. By natural encounters we learn from others.

It is important to know and understand history, to visit cultural institutions to get a better awareness of the cultures of others, to participate events with guests of different backgrounds, to bridge the cultural gaps with better communication skills and to find the nature as a source of welfare and worth of protecting. Food plays a fundamental role in every kind of societies, and every act of food consumption represents a cultural act. We have meals together and gain knowledge about Finnish food culture.

During this course we try to look our environment by the eyes of immigrants, and to find some everyday activities to help the inclusion and increase multiculturalism.

We learn about history of Oulu area, make whole day trip to near by island Hailuoto, the historical fishing village Marjaniemi, getting knowledge and understanding of  the importance of nature, We have lessons and discussions about the course theme, as well as visit to some immigration institute, like for example the Girls House . Also we visit a near by village Ii, and get to know about the Art Center KulttuuriKauppila having an opportunity to meet an environmental artist   Klara Bergman Fröberg in Social Art Residence,

and finally visit historical area Hamina.


Sunday 25.8.

Meeting, aims of the week, practial advice, travel diary, learning to know the team.

Monday 26.8

A whole day visit to island Hailuoto, activities in nature, nature exhibition, every-man's rights, history of Marjaniemi

Tuesday 27.8

Lessons and discussions about the course themes, presenting preparatory tasks

Wednesday 28.8.

Visit to village Ii. Art center KulttuuriKauppila, project Lähde!, The aim of the project is to prevent exclusion and promote widespread prosperity through art and culture, especially among unemployed young people, immigrants and special groups, meeting artist in Socual Art Residence, walk in art park and Hamina.

Thursday 29.8

eTwinning, social media

Evaluation, feedback

Certificates and farewell

30 lessons ( lesson 45 min.)


Introduce at least one idea, how you provide natural, successful, multicultural meetings at your school/institute. (about 10 minutes) 5 lessons

Course fee: 366 € covering organisational support in intercultural preparation, tuition, materials, mentoring during the course, post course support and certification. ( Does not include accommodation, local travel or meals). Please remember the VAT number ( the owner of the school has it).
Courses are open also for private participants, who can also have other financial recourse than Erasmus+ KA1. For them and organisations without valid VAT code is course fee +VAT 24%, 87,84€, total 453,84€

By air via Helsinki to Oulu, train from Helsinki to Oulu, or straight flights from Europe to Oulu.


 We inform about hotel after final registration, but you are free to choose any other hotel.

Please send your interest (short, own words) for the course to Mrs. Paula Saanio via email