Treasure or trouble

Finland has been recent years famous about good PISA results.

Now the results have been getting worse. Also the school motivation especially of boys has been a problem.

The fast solutions of consults and idea workshops, as well as many policy-makers highlight more technology as an answer. 

 Finnish Parliament’s future committee report about Finland’s 100 new possibilities 2018-2017 (Osmo Kuusi – Risto Linturi) says that ”The slowdown in change is the reluctance of change and inability of the teachers”.

On the other hand next PISA 2021 research is moving towards creativity and critical skills. Is this going to be a deeper understanding of humanity, or just getting means to assess creative and critical skills in an educational setting to  gain better results  in modern globalized economies, based on digital knowledge and innovation?

Does teacher’s experience give expertise needed in future?

Are experienced teachers a treasure of the school, or should we think they are troubles, as the future vision of Finland claims.

Welcome to discuss about this situation,maybe  common all over the world.

SESSION 21.-26.7.2019  confirmed             COURSE CLOSED


Make a short introduction of you as a teacher

Lessons  5


-Develope the European dimension and internationalization by cooperating with teachers from different European countries and different school levels

-Get knowledge about new demands of school and teaching, and experienced teacher's role in it.

-Learn History of Finnish schools and teachers

-Get knowledge of PISA 2021 towards creativity and critical thinking, as well as what an experienced teacher has to offer

-Learn digital skills in Valve Film school for children

-Learn to ease stress and increase creativity in nature of historical island Hailuoto

-Get knowledge about eTwinning and open new possibilities to learn, to share experiences, to get new ideas, to create projects and find contacts.

--Increase knowledge about Finland and Finnish culture

-Encourage to increase English language skills

-With relaxing joy making new friendship

-Increasing own mental and physical resources and strengthen own identity as a  good enough teacher 


At the end of the week the participants will reflect the atmosphere, knowledge and skills gained from course in own educational environment, and also present their course "Travel diaries" made during the course. Participants will be trained and encouraged to take advance of eTwinning , participate in eTwinning online courses, and to create new projects with other participants of this course or the eTwinning partners. Participants will give feedback about the course. They work after the course completing course reports to be sent to their NA. Mentoring during and after the course

Lessons 5


Sunday 21.7 Arriving and checking in hotel. Welcome in the evening,     

Monday 22.7

Aims of the week

Introducing yourself

Experienced teacher; Is experience enough for expertice

Are you treasure or trouble?

Tuesday 23.7

Hailuoto day.

Visit to island Hailuoto, getting to know old fishing harbour area Marjaniemi,

visit at Nature exhibition in Nature Center of Forest Government,

Stress at work, importance of nature in coping with stress

Finnish food, enjoy the atmosphere of seashore

Wednesday 24.7

Visit Turkansaari, a historical place with old wooden buildings

History of Finnish school and teachers

PISA 2012, towards creativity and critical thinking. what an experienced teacher has to offer

Small good practices, examples

Thursday 25.7

”Old dogs learning new trics”

Valve movie school day

Making digtal stories of old beautiful buildings of Oulu (Valve cancelled, instead comparing different eras by visiting historical museum school department and active visit to Science center Tietomaa including a giant screen nature film 3D)

Voluntary evening together, ship cruise on Oulu river or ”Potnapekka” drive to Nallikari beach area and dinner.

Friday 26.7

eTwinning opening new possibilities to learn, to share experiences, to get new ideas,to create projects and find contacts

Evaluation and feed back, travel diaries

Lessons 40

Course fee: 440€  covering organisational support in intercultural preparation, tuition, materials, mentoring during the course, post course support and certification . ( Does not include accommodation, local travel or meals). Remember the VAT number, the owner of the school has it.

Courses are open also for private participants, who can have also other financial recourse than Erasmus+ KA1.( For them and organisations without VAT code it is course fee +VAT 24%)


By air via Helsinki to Oulu,  train from Helsinki to Oulu, or straight flights from Europe to Oulu.


It`s easier for participants to have same hotel. We inform about hotel after course is confirmed. Hotel fee tries to be in frame of daily allowances for accommodation and subsistence (separate from course fee). But you are free to choose any other hotel.


Please send your interest for the course  to Mrs. Paula Saanio via email info@helea.eu   

In return we send information about the REGISTRATION, You pay the course fee and buy the tickets only after you have made the final registration and course is confirmed.