CREATIVITY - a piece of paper


        SESSIONS           11.9. - 16.9.2022


You may think that a piece of paper is not much. But it can be the source of an incredible number of products, just through your creativity.
Creative thinking is essential to meet the challenges of the future.

On this course we do practices at workshops creating multiple kind products just of a piece of paper. These good practices can be used also at schools of all age children.At Children's Film School we use the Camera Pencil pedagogy, in which video is an instrument tool in implementing the new Finnish Curriculum action culture, highlighting

integration between different subjects, co-operation, dialog, active participation and reflection.
Videos are connected to learning by trying and investigating. You will get excellent good ideas of using multimedia and digital methods with your pupils.
During the course you will get a short view of Finnish culture and Finnish school system.
We also enjoy about hiking, sauna possibility and making Finnish food together. 

Introducing yourself and your school.
One example of how creativity is reflected in your own work.
Up to 5 min /participant.
Working lessons 5

Developing the European dimension by working with teachers from different European countries and different school levels.
Getting to know about forest-based Finnish culture.
Learning good practices of paper handicraft to be used with all aged children.
Gaining good practices to teach multimedia and use digital methods. Using Video Pencil pedagogy and getting skills to use camera, tablets and editing programs.
Encouraging to increase English language skills of own level.
Getting skills to use e-Twinning for contacting and starting new projects.
By curiosity, relaxation and joy getting resources to meet challenges of work.

At the end of the week the participants will reflect the atmosphere, knowledge and skills gained from course to use in own educational environment, and also present their course "Travel diaries" made during the course. 

Participants will be trained and encouraged to take advance of eTwinning , participate in eTwinning online courses, and to create new projects with other participants of this course or the eTwinning partners. 

Participants will give feedback about the course. 

They work after the course completing course reports to be sent to their NA:
Working lessons5



To develop the European dimension and internationality by cooperating with teachers from different European countries and different school levels.

To have cooperative activities by learning how to use eTwinning for contacting and starting new international projects after the course. And
with curiosity, playfulness and joy making contacts and friendships.

To improve teacher’s abilities to respond to individual learners needs of creativity and to deal with their social diversity of cooperating by gaining knowledge and experience and good practices  of teaching creativity, for example by using only a piece of paper. To get mental and physical resources to meet the challenges of the work. By
making short movies and learning Camera Pencil pedagogy in workshops with professionals to get digital skills and ideas.

Competences and experiences into the curriculum by getting basic knowledge about Finnish Basic Education Curriculum.

To know more about Finland and Finnish culture.

To encourage to increase English language skills

To feel joy of being creative

Roles of participants: active participating by performances and discussions, as well as workshops.

Method: lecture, workshops, performances,individual/school preparations in advance, round table discussions, easy physical activities and individual small, hand made travel diary.

Evaluation : during the session and last day’s reflection: diaries, discussion, evaluation form and proposal to improve the
course session.



Meeting, team building,
practical advice for the week, dinner

Performances of partisipants
Paper workshop
Finnish Curriculum and
school system, especially about creativity,


Outdoor activity, hiking
At Nallikari Villa paper workshop,
Evening together, possibility to sauna, finnish culture,
making Finnish food together

Children’s Film School Valve
Making animation videos using paper


Children’s Film School Valve
Camera pencil pedagogy, work shop about paper and creativity






Lessons 40


Course fee: 550 €, including VAT ,covering organisational support in intercultural preparation, agreements. tuition, materials, mentoring during the course, post course support and certification. Notice, that he organisations receive also organisational support of 350 € / participant.
( Does not include accommodation, local travel or meals, except day 3 dinner). 

Organisations, which offer valid VAT code, the price is 550€ - VAT 24%, 106,45€ = total 443,55€ (reverse charge)

Courses are open also for private participants, who can also have other financial recourse than Erasmus+ KA1. 

By air via Helsinki to Oulu, train from Helsinki to Oulu, or straight flights from Europe to Oulu.

We inform about meeting place/hotel after the course will be confirmed to start. Oulu is a small city, all center hotels are near, so you are also free to choose any hotel you like. 

Please send us your pre-registration (short,own words) for the course to Mrs. Paula Saanio via email
In return we confirm your pre-registration and send information about the final registration. 

You pay the course fee and buy the tickets only after you have made the final registration and got information message from us, that the course is confirmed.


You are warmly welcome!

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