HELEA, a private training company in Finland, welcomes you to Oulu

                  COURSES  Erasmus+ KA1

CREATIVITY - a piece of paper How are you, teacher? DO - JOY Peace of nature-peace of mind Nature, culture, Kalevala Christmas traditions

The position of Oulu offers natural treasures, the sea, rivers and lakes and harmony of the forests. The silence has positive impacts and brings feeling of ease and both physical and mental recharge. All this has also influenced to the characters of the Finnish people.

Teachers are central to learners´ success, and to the quality and equity of school education. They have growing expectations towards their work. Our courses focus on wellfare of teachers. If teacher is happy, it reflects to the pupils, too.

The role of education is to develop skills, and putting them in to practice in order to promote social interaction an encourage people to tolerance and culture of peace in secure and sustainable world.

Relaxing, discussing, having visits and workshops teachers arriving from different countries can cooperate creating and practicing better global citizenship.

These are mainly structured Erasmus+ KA1 -courses, but we welcome also private participants with other financial resources. 

(Working lesson duration is 45 minutes.)

When applying Erasmus+ KA1 grants remember to ask additional support for a return trip to reach a remote final destination (from a main HUB/airport and (or) a train/bus station) within the receiving country.