In Finland, like in all European countries, Christmas is very important. It's a feast, that is celebrated in the middle of the darkest time of the year. In northern Finland Lapland, the sun is not at all seen in many weeks, and in Oulu area the day is hardly a few hours long.

In ancient Finnish language December was called the Winter month, but because of the importance of Christmas celebration it was changed to Christmas month

There are many traditions at school, like preparing decorations and presents, listening Christmas stories and singing carols, as well as making performances on scene. These performances are very popular, and usually the whole family want to participate because of the nice Christmas atmosphere. This is one of the best home-school cooperations.

Today there has been a lot of discussion about some traditional Christian plays and hymns at school,  because of both immigration and secularization , if they are suitable for all or not, regarding their religion or world view. Christmas in Finland is a blend of secular traditions and Christianity, and in many traditions we have also quite a lot international influence.

One of the main topics in the Christmas celebration is the Declaration of Peace of Christmas, and this wish for global and national peace and friendship is highlighted in many ways.

Finland is also known as the home of Santa Claus or Father Christmas. On this course you will meet Santa. Oulu is also famous for a traditional Tiernapojat "Star boys" groups, and we are going to follow that singing performance.

During this session by presentations, visits and workshops as well as celebrating our own small Christmas party, you will be young at heart. At least when you meet Santa, and he will ask, if there are any nice children present

We also compare Christmas between the countries of participants. So after this course you will have a plenty of information to deliver to the pupils at school. And having  interesting and enjoyable days you gain the Christmas spirit of your own working together with others.

Christmas is maybe the easiest and most popular topics used in eTwinning. It is nice topic because it consists so much doing and being  together, not to forget the message of world peace. It suites both the traditional ways to work but also to the newest media possibilities. Also it engages children of all ages, as well as adults.

And last, if you are very lucky, this session is  in the time of the year when you might experience the fabulous Northern Lights in the evening sky.



                                                   20.11. - 25.11.2022


Developing the European dimension and internationality by cooperating with teachers from different European countries and different school levels.

Learning the similarities and differences of Christmas traditions in participants' countries.

Growing knowledge of Finland and Finnish culture, especially Christmas traditions and also the new Basic  Education curriculum's about Christmas at school.

Expressing own experiences about Christmas in Oulu at workshop OULUJOULU-OULUXMAS using digital technology at Oulu Film School creating a Christmas story.

Creating Christmas handicraft.

Having a possibility to establish and maintain partnerships and contacts with other attendants and create later projects. Learning to know eTwining space for starting new projects and increasing readiness to act on European or world wide level.

Encouraging to increase English language skills. Also learning some basic Finnish.

Getting motivation to work and to attend training also after this session abroad.



Preparing material to tell about own Christmas traditions

( 5 working lessons)



eTwinning.  Session gives easy and versatile topics as well to beginners or more advanced to create projects 

Feed back of the course

Reports to the National Agency

( 5 working lessons)




-Course welcome

- Orientation of the week
-Getting to know each others
-Team building for the course
-Dinner together



Performances of participants

Finland, Finnish culture, Christmas traditions. Basic Education curriculum, especially for Christmas time learning.

Workshop craft




Digital video day at Children's Film School

"Star Boys" Tiernapoika play at Rotuaari stage


Visiting museum

Christmas craft workshop continues

About declaration of Christmas peace.

Christmas carols, small play.

Art of ice starts.


Art of ice/snow

Walking and enjoying nature

Evening together

Finnish food, "Little Christmas" feast



Feed back



(Working lessons 40)



Course fee: 550€, including VAT  (covering organisational support in intercultural preparation, tuition, materials, mentoring during the course, post course support and certification . ( Does not include accommodation, local travel or meals, except day 5 dinner).

Organisations, which offer valid VAT code, the price is 550€ - VAT 24%, 106,45€ = total 443,55€ (reverse charge)

Courses are open also for private participants, who can have also other financial recourse than Erasmus+ KA1.


By air via Helsinki to Oulu,  train from Helsinki to Oulu, or straight flights from Europe to Oulu.


If we get enough final participants in time, we are going to have accommodation in cosy cottages and villas in Nallikari area. If this will not succeed, we will inform about meeting place/hotel after course will be confirmed to start. Oulu is a small city, all center hotels are near, so you are free to choose any hotel you like.


Please send us your INTEREST/PRE-REGISTRATION (short,free form) to  Mrs. Paula Saanio  via email

In return we confirm your pre-registration and send information about the FINAL REGISTRATION, You pay the course fee and buy the tickets only after you have made the final registration and the course is confirmed to start.